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10 Steps To Selling Your Home

Below is an overview of the 10 steps we take to sell your home.  Our objective is to obtain the highest price in the shortest amount of time, while limiting the inconveniences to you.

  1. Price Analysis – the essential first step is helping you decide on a price that will sell your home within the first 45 days on market.  It is crucial that we excite the market and find the right buyer before your listing starts to age and lower in perceived value.  Our job is to empower you with all the information you need to make a smart decision.  This step starts with you taking us on a tour of your home. 
  2. Prepare Your Home For Sale – decisions to purchase real estate are often made with a heavy dose of emotion.  Therefore, we will bring in a staging professional to help make your home look like a model.  If already furnished, our staging team will provide simple suggestions to improve the way your home photographs and looks to prospective buyer.  If they property is vacant, we will help you decide whether it makes sense to add some items to show how the home can live.
  3. Photo Shoot – delicious photographs will bring potential buyers to your doorstep.  We hire the best photographers in town to capture the full beauty of your home.  We love quality photographs and lots of them.  They are an essential component to online and print marketing.
  4. Tell A Story – this is where we add color to your home by describing it’s unique charm.  The story will be woven throughout the spectrum of marketing material.
  5. Brochure Creation – we are in the process of creating a brand for your home and will create a custom full-color brochure that is consistent with this brand image.
  6. Online Marketing – 98% of home buyers use the internet to find their next home.  To be on the safe side, we will list your home on every real estate website known to man and woman.  We will also upgrade it to a featured listing on the most popular websites like Realtor.com.  we call it our shock and awe campaign.  Not stopping at the traditional real estate websites, your listing will also go viral through social media outlets like facebook, twitter and various blogs.
  7. Feedback – we reach out to the Realtors bringing clients to your home to find out their clients’ level of interest and dig for feedback that will help us improve your listing.
  8. Negotiation – one of the most important jobs you hire us for is to fight relentlessly for every penny we can get for your home.  We take this job very seriously and will involve you in every step of the process.
  9. Contract to Closing – all of the hard work preparing your home for market and keeping it in tip top condition is about to pay off.  We have a ratified contract and are on our way to settlement.  We need to remove the contingencies in the contract.  The most common contingencies are the home inspection, appraisal and financial contingencies.  The buyers will hire a home inspector to determine if there are any issues that the buyers should be aware of.  If they ask you to address any issues prior to settlement, those can be agreed to or negotiated.  The lender will hire an appraiser to determine the value of the property.  As long as it is at or above the agreed upon purchase price, then we continue moving forward.  The financial contingency gets removed when the buyer’s lender has signed-off on the loan and cleared it for closing.  The buyers will have one final walk-through inspection the day before or the day of settlement to make sure items outlined in the contract are still in normal working order.
  10. Settlement – congratulations! This is the finish line where we will meet with the buyers and their agent at a settlement office to finalize the paperwork to transfer ownership.  The settlement office is usually chosen by the buyer, but is an independent third-party that is there to look out for your interests as well as the buyers.

Email me to receive a custom marketing plan or a sample of one we have created for similar homes.  This will go into details not provided above and introduce some new programs we are currently offering.