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Promoting Energy Efficiency while Beautifying Your Veranda

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty One of the most important extensions of any residential home is the veranda. Many favor the veranda to be situated at the entrance of the home. A typical veranda has a roof but no cover on the sides. It should almost always be finished with solid materials. Having a veranda allows you to extract your creative juices to make the structure even more extraordinary. The size of a veranda varies depending on the building to which it is attached. It should... Continue Reading >

The Arbour Realty Team Recognized As One Of The Best in Virginia

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty The 2013 report was just released for the "Best Real Estate Agents in America" and the Arbour Realty team achieved the following rankings: The 24th most transactions for the entire state of Virginia in 2012 The 20th highest transaction volume for the entire state of Virginia in 2012 These rankings are based on sales recorded by the local multiple listing service (MLS) and are completely unbiased. We want to thank every client that has placed their trust in us - especially those who have... Continue Reading >

Preparing Your Home For A Home Inspection

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty A professional home inspector will go from room to room testing the heating, air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, appliances and smoke detectors.  He or she will also evaluate the structure, roof, interior and exterior of the home.  What the home inspector finds to be positive and negative about the home will greatly shape the homebuyers perception of the investment they are in the process of making. Don’t forget that the standard home inspection contingency usually provides them with the ability to cancel the... Continue Reading >

Smartphone Apps For Homebuyers

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty There are countless smartphone apps that can help you during the home buying or selling process.  I want to share a few FREE apps that are my new favorites. Sitegeist - As a real estate agent I am always a little hamstrung when a client asks about demographics.  Because of Fair Housing Laws, I'm not able to comment on this subject.  With Sitegeist you can look up demographic information on your own based on your GPS coordinates. Other helpful information you can... Continue Reading >

Guide To Making Your Offer More Competitive

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty Nobody likes to lose.  Especially on a home that you have your heart set on.  Below is a guide I have created to help you put together the strongest offer you feel comfortable with if you find yourself in a competitive situation. The plus and minus scores I assign are based on a scale of 1-5, where 5 provides the greatest strength.  These scores are based purely on my professional opinion. The price your offer is obviously the most important variable, but... Continue Reading >