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5 Common Things People Forget to Check When Buying a Home

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty Many people think of homeownership as a dream come true. In many cases, it is, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t check some common things that are prone to problems. Keep reading to find out what they are. The Roof A roof can be the most essential component to a home, and with that in mind, any associated problems can quickly become very costly and even ruin your valuable possessions. Look at the roof to see if it... Continue Reading >

Turn an old Ipod, Ipad or Iphone into a security camera

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty We all have an old unused IOS devices laying around the home somewhere, and I know we are all security conscious. The new app from “Presence” allows you to combine the two, and turn your old iPod, iPad or iPhone into a security camera which can be left in the home or business and will become active if motion is detected. Once there is a motion presence detected then you will be alerted immediately, and be able to watch remotely the live... Continue Reading >

7 Benefits to Buying a Green Home

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty We’ve all seen those homes that are on the cutting edge. We notice them when we drive by; we pause to learn about them when they’re featured on TV. As the technology to make your home green continues to become mainstream, it also continues to drop in price. This means that options that were once only available to the Bill Gates of the world are quickly becoming a possibility for the Average Joe as well. Less expensive technology isn’t the only... Continue Reading >

Arlington County Fair 8/6 – 8/10

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty Don’t miss out on the 35th Arlington County Annual Fair; this year fair goers will experience more fun for the entire family. Meet the Harlem Wizards, enjoy the evening outdoor movie Frozen, watch the racing piglets, and kids can take advantage of the pony rides. There will be plenty of local vendors providing some of favorite food and beverages, and not forgetting all the thrilling carnival rides. The Arlington County Fair starts today, and runs through Sunday August 10th 2014. It is... Continue Reading >

16 Million Dollar Home in Washington DC!

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty In this area it is not uncommon to see million dollar homes for sale, but have you ever wondered what the selling price was of the most expensive home in the DC Metropolitan area? As of date, the most expensive home sold on April 9th 2014 in Georgetown for $16,100,000. If are wondering what a 16 Million dollar home looks like, then you can check out The Williams-Addison House online. The Williams-Addison House was built in 1817, and is on one... Continue Reading >