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Plan Now for Maximum Curb Appeal this Holiday Season

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty By Sarah Kellner If you've ever bought or sold a home, you know that its curb appeal, or attractiveness as seen from the street, is crucial. Just as proper grooming and professional dress are the keys to making a good first impression on a job interview, so too is curb appeal in the buying process. Your home's exterior and landscape set the tone for your entire home, so you should do everything you can to make it attractive and inviting. As the... Continue Reading >

5 Common Things People Forget to Check When Buying a Home

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty Many people think of homeownership as a dream come true. In many cases, it is, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t check some common things that are prone to problems. Keep reading to find out what they are. The Roof A roof can be the most essential component to a home, and with that in mind, any associated problems can quickly become very costly and even ruin your valuable possessions. Look at the roof to see if it... Continue Reading >

7 Benefits to Buying a Green Home

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty We’ve all seen those homes that are on the cutting edge. We notice them when we drive by; we pause to learn about them when they’re featured on TV. As the technology to make your home green continues to become mainstream, it also continues to drop in price. This means that options that were once only available to the Bill Gates of the world are quickly becoming a possibility for the Average Joe as well. Less expensive technology isn’t the only... Continue Reading >

Promoting Energy Efficiency while Beautifying Your Veranda

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty One of the most important extensions of any residential home is the veranda. Many favor the veranda to be situated at the entrance of the home. A typical veranda has a roof but no cover on the sides. It should almost always be finished with solid materials. Having a veranda allows you to extract your creative juices to make the structure even more extraordinary. The size of a veranda varies depending on the building to which it is attached. It should... Continue Reading >

Checking the Drains Can Keep Your Home Purchase Flowing

Arlington Virginia (VA) Real Estate – Arbour Realty There's a long list of important points to consider when you're buying a new house, including location, schools, neighbors, and of course, the price. That list contains plenty of potential landmines, but it's important not to lose sight of some of the smaller issues that might not rise to the level of ‘deal-breaker,' but are important to know when looking at your next home. One of those seemingly small -- but potentially major -- issues to keep an eye out... Continue Reading >