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5 Common Things People Forget to Check When Buying a Home

Buying a HomeMany people think of homeownership as a dream come true. In many cases, it is, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t check some common things that are prone to problems. Keep reading to find out what they are.

The Roof

A roof can be the most essential component to a home, and with that in mind, any associated problems can quickly become very costly and even ruin your valuable possessions. Look at the roof to see if it seems in good condition, and does not need major repairs. Also, check that the material from which it’s made is sturdy and able to handle harsh weather conditions such as hail.

The HVAC System

A home’s temperature may feel pleasant enough when you walk in the door, but it’s necessary to look deeper by examining the air conditioner and furnace. These appliances are essential, because they’ll keep you comfortable as seasons change. They also shouldn’t be overlooked, because furnaces and air conditioners can be extremely expensive to replace.

Ask a friend or a professional who knows HVAC and common plumbing problems to visit the house with you and double check trouble areas that might need a repair before you buy the home.

The Lot

Take time to walk around the property and see if you notice unusual things like large amounts of standing water. That could indicate the area is prone to flooding. Also, be aware if the area is generally known to experience disasters such as wildfires, because that may also be a deciding factor in where you ultimately choose to live.

Is That a Funky Smell?

If you’re evaluating a home and notice a less than wholesome odor, don’t just assume your nose is fooling you. It may be a case of noticing an unfamiliar smell because you’re not used to the environment; however, some odd odors can signal large problems that can’t be fixed with a plug-in air freshener or room spray.

For example, bothersome odors can be related to blocked sewage systems, mold issues, a gas leak, or even a sign that it was a former meth house. When in doubt, it’s always best to be cautious and mention you’d like to get a professional to find the source of the smell before agreeing to buy the home.

Cracks in the Bathroom

Finally, look at the bathroom thoroughly and make sure you cannot find any cracks in the toilet, sink or bathtub. The bathroom is certainly a place you and your family members will use frequently. It’s a rather expensive room to remodel and can cause a lot of disruption if major repairs need to be made; plus, you may not have another bathroom to use. Cracks, in particular, can cause issues because they create a moist environment that encourages the growth of mold.

Buying a home is not something to do in haste, but house hunting doesn’t have to be a major cause of stress. Whether you’re currently looking for a new place to live or might be doing so in the near future, the list of things you’ve just read should make it much easier to find a home you’ll love, instead of one that causes problems just a few months after you move in.

BIO: James White is a green builder and home improvement/DIY blogger. He also enjoys hiking, photography, and buying new gadgets. Follow him on Twitter @DIYfolks.


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