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Be Street Smart in Arlington VA

Rosslyn-4When we were kids our parents taught us the basics of what to do when out biking or walking. We know that we should look both ways before crossing the road, and to wait for the pedestrian light to turn green before crossing and to signal using our arms when turning left and right on a bike.  These are the basics but are often forgotten as adults.

Arlington County asks citizens to Be a PAL (Predictable, Alert & Lawful) and share the streets.  Whether you are biking, walking and driving, we should all do our part.  Cyclists need to remember that they should adhere to the same traffic rules as car drivers.  Pedestrians need to cross behind the bus in the crosswalk and stand on the sidewalk when waiting to cross the road.  Drivers need to share the road with cyclists and need to look behind before opening the car door.

All the above are the basics of sharing our neighborhood streets, and when everyone does their part safety is increased and accidents reduced.   Check out Arlington County’s website for more safety and courtesy tips.

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