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2013 Leaf Collection Schedule for Arlington, Fairfax County & DC

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A sign of fall is the changing leaf colors, the vibrant red, orange and yellows seen throughout the metropolitan area, which shortly thereafter turn to brown and fall from the trees.  This season is once again on top of us, signaling the time to round up the leafs in preparation of the start of the 2013 area leaf collection period.  Below are details for the first round of leaf collection in Arlington County, Fairfax County & DC:

Arlington County:

Biodegradable Bag Leaf Collection starts Nov 4. – Jan 10 2014
Leaf bags are collected on the next business day after your regular trash collection day. If your trash is collected Friday, your last leaf bag will be collection Monday, January 6.

Free bags are also available beginning Oct. 21, 2013, click here for locations (while supplies last):

Vacuum Collection starts Nov. 11-Dec. 20, 2013 (Monday – Saturday including holidays, except Thanksgiving). There will be two passes per civic association, view the vacuum collection schedule for Arlington VA.

Fairfax County:

Vacuum Collection starts Nov.4. There will be three passes per area, view the vacuum collection schedule for Fairfax County.

Washington D.C.:

Residents can enter their address and view the leaf collection start dates and progress in their D.C. neighborhood. The scheduled start date and the scheduled finish date are based on the schedule for the entire leaf collection area.

Check out the Arlington County, Fairfax County and District of Columbia leaf collection web-pages for further details of future leaf collection dates.

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