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Affordable Home Energy Check-up

In my previous blogs, I have talked about ways to make your home more energy efficient and that there aFree Home Energy Auditre many simply things that you can do around your home that can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bills.  Of course with the hectic lifestyles most of us lead, these tasks often get put on a back-burner or sometimes simply never addressed.

Now there is some good news for those of us living in the Northern Virginia area, for a low cost of $45 and an hour of your  time you can schedule to have a Home energy check-up which will be conducted by the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP)’s certified Building Analyst, Mike Hogan, which is sponsored by Dominion Virginia Power. The Home energy check-up includes directly installing free CFLs, smart strips for your electronics, pipe wrap for your water heater if it is electric, and other energy saving improvements.  LEAP estimate the value of the package to be around $250 with the items that will be installed during your Home energy check-up, savings and the valuable home energy saving information that home owners with acquire.

Don’t miss out on this money saving opportunity; schedule an appointment today for your LEAP Home energy check-up.

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