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Promoting Energy Efficiency while Beautifying Your Veranda

One of the most important extensions of any residential home is the veranda. Many favor the veranda to be situated at the entrance of the home. A typical veranda has a roof but no cover on the sides. It should almost always be finished with solid materials. Having a veranda allows you to extract your creative juices to make the structure even more extraordinary.

The size of a veranda varies depending on the building to which it is attached. It should usually be based on the scale of the building’s front. People have the option to construct the pillars of the veranda with designs. Nowadays, one can see a handful of good websites containing information about how to build a good veranda.

Since they sort of serve as accessory to trendy houses, it would be best to keep the veranda stylish. People will admire and appreciate the efforts that you exert in making your veranda beautiful. A lovely veranda means an attractive home. Moreover it is an excellent place to relax particularly within the evenings. However, a monotonous chair and table mishmash can be a bit uninteresting if you do not embellish it pleasantly. Below are some ideas to turn your veranda into a fashionable and refined outdoor area where the time will just pass by so unnoticeably.

Give it a Touch of Human Nature

A typical and laidback way to adorn the veranda is to include the elements of nature. To accomplish that earthly feel, you can add flower pots. Since they are portable, altering the location or keeping them is very suitable. Be mindful when choosing pots as they create a whole lot of difference. Either you go for handmade clay pots if you wish to give the place a warm feel or buy pretty ceramic pots to achieve that stylish, sophisticated look.

Classy Furniture always Work

Outdoor furniture has become a trend that local furniture shops started selling them too. Consider the size and style of the furniture that you will acquire to fit your veranda A nice pair of wooden chairs with a flattering wooden table or display hammocks, loungers, couches and even a bar counter all depending on your taste. In the event your veranda is only partially covered it would be best to purchase weather resistant furniture.

Add Curtains to Achieve that Certain Flare

When you have covered verandas or there are windows and doors attached to the verandas, curtains are a good must-have. Depending on the color and style of your veranda you can choose matching curtains for the windows and doors. Lace curtains are a great choice as they look really classy and elegant. Curtains are not just about adornment, they also help you retain your privacy and regulate the amount of light that peeks into your veranda.

Finish it up with Lights

Not only are lights necessary to provide illumination but they are also an excellent way to adorn the veranda. Fairy lights and lanterns when hung from the ceiling are perfect. You can also use garden lights near the flower pots or place up lighters on the pathway towards your veranda. Dimmable lights are also good as they can be adjusted dependent on the occasion.

The benefit of natural light to the home is just part and parcel of the story in terms of a house with a veranda. According to Andy O’shea of Harkaway Homes, “That “eco” word that everyone is hanging their hats on, applies much more realistically with a properly proportioned verandahed house”. She continues, “Take for example the opposite – eaves free, glass riddled boxes they call modern house today these so called contemporary minimalist whatever claims to be eco-friendly; but here’s the question, how can having huge glass windows pointing almost directly at the sun with no protection whatsoever, be eco-friendly? Quick turn on the air conditioning and let’s burn some more brown coal. A house with functional verandas offers the true eco-friendly option. Being shaded from the sun, it is naturally cool in summer requiring minimal use of the air conditioning and exterior walls protected by the verandas do not relay heat to the inside of the home therefore not requiring the massive amounts of insulation desperately needed elsewhere”.

It is good to remember that a veranda should not merely serve as accessory. Rather, it should be attached in such a way that will provide a convenient and comfortable feel to the owners whatever season they are in.

From guest author Patricia Evans.  Find her on twitter: @patevants016

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