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Arlington VA Please Unleash Arlington Dogs

Your canine friend loves to go for a walk, probably even more so than you enjoy taking them. Arlington County has large selections of Noodle
parks and dog parks to keep your hound healthy and well exercised.  What would make you dog even happier would be the opportunity to run freely without you holding them back.  Unfortunately in Arlington parks this is not possible, Arlington VA has a strict ‘no leash free policy’ within their regular parks.

Time for a Change

It is time for a change to Arlington VA’s by-laws. Arlington VA could follow Arlington Massachusetts example by allowing dogs to be unleashed in selected Recreational Parks. Arlington MA dogs can be unleashed during 6-9am. Naturally there are certain stipulations, and some variations on timings, but this would be wonderful news  for Arlington VA dog owners and Arlington dogs, if Arlington VA followed suit.

Come on Arlington County Unleash Our Dogs

Although I have heard no news that Arlington County plan on allowing dogs to be unleashed at posted times within Arlington County Parks,  we can only but hope.  It works in Arlington MA, so why not here in Arlington VA.  On another note, please remember when walking your leashed dog with Arlington parks  to pick up after Fido and ensure your dog is licensed.Creative Commons License photo credit: KOMUnews

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