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2010 DC GreenFestival

Get a recap of the 2010 DC GreenFestival

This year GreenFestival took on a new twist for me as an exhibitor for the DC area’s first all green real estate firm. Last year, I went as an excited festival goer, ready to seek out new information and see how I could translate what I discovered into my own life.This year was only slightly different, I was still excited to be there, but as a part of the DC areas first green real estate company’s booth as an exhibitor. Facing some fellow environmentally conscious collegeaues in the Green Home Pavilion,  as the days progressed, I realized that one of the main components of attending the GreenFestival is information sharing and education and you can get that from either side of the table. Interestingly enough, even though I was not able to get away from our booth in the Green Home Pavillion, I was still able to learn some awesome things from the informative and engaging patrons.

Isn’t that what the green movement is all about? Sharing and education? Well, for most of the folks whom I spent time chatting with, sharing information was definitely on their mind. I spoke with one woman who mentioned that this was her seventh year attending the DC GreenFestival, and that every year, she sets out to the event ready to find new information amidst the topics, and products she is already aware of, to discover at least one new thing that she can implement into her own life, and practice regularly. I loved this idea. It sort of made the GreenFestival her very own personal scavenger hunt. This made me think about our own booth and how there were so many people that didn’t realize that there are real estate agents who can help them identify healthier, more energy efficient homes in their market place. The woman whom I mentioned, wasn’t ready to buy or sell a home; however, she now is aware that when it comes time to do so, she knows of a company, chalk full of educated and informed EcoBrokers who can guide her through her own personal journey. Buying a house is sort of like a scavenger hunt- we’re all looking for our own treasure, and sometimes you have to through a bunch of things before you find the one you were actually looking for.

Our team had a great time at the DC GreenFestival! We were able to share what we know about sustainable building practices, healthy living principles and our very own green commitment to a wonderful forum of folks from the DC Metro area.

  1. Chad

    Great post! It was great to see you at the festival this year! If there is 1 Eco-Broker firm in Va. that truely knows their business and keeps current on best practices, it’s Arbour. Not only do you keep up with markets and trends, but all aspects of green building, and community involvement. True experts that walk the talk. I learn something new everytime that I drop by.

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