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Solar Trash Compactors in Arlington Virginia

Solar Trash Compactors in Arlington Virginia.

Arlington County’s next step into making Arlington Virginia an even greener place to live is Solar Trash Compactorthrough the recent introduction of the Solar Trash Compactor.  If you have walked the Arlington neighborhoods in the last couple of weeks, you will have noticed the introduction of the new Solar Powered Trash Compactors replacing the old trash cans in Rosslyn.  These Solar Trash Compactors reduce carbon omissions by compacting the trash, which significantly reduces the Rosslyn Solar Trash Compactorfrequency of trash collection.  The Solar Trash cans also know as ‘Big Belly’ eliminates 4 out of 5 trash collections, which keeps the greenhouse gas producing trash trucks off the roads. The enclosed system also prevents rats from feeding off the trash, and reduces the bad odors associated with decaying trash.  As the Trash Compactors are powered by solar power they are 100% carbon neutral.  I hope to see more Solar Trash Cans around the Arlington and D.C. Metropolitan neighborhoods soon.

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