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The Spectrum Condominium In Falls Church City Introduces Green Living

Green Condominiums in Northern Virginia are few and far between.  We are just starting to see a trickle of eco-friendly features in some of the newer condos such as high efficiency windows, low VOC paint and sustainable flooring.  The Spectrum Condominium in Falls Church City is the first condo to make a full commitment to green living.  From top to bottom this is an example of the future in home design.

Let’s start with the green roof.  Due to the layout of the building, there are two separate roofs and they are both alive.   One roof has been turned into a park like setting with grass and benches.  The other roof includes plants that thrive in high temperatures and can sustain long periods of time without being watered.  These living roofs will provide natural insulation for the building and cut down on energy costs.  As noted by the developer, they will provide a scenic amenity for residents while reducing the ambient air temperature and without taking up more land.  They have even gone so far as to filter the storm water runoff before it is introduced to the city storm water system.  I love when my expectations are actually exceeded!

The Spectrum uses bamboo or cork flooring in the interior of each condo unit.  Bamboo and cork are produced from rapidly renewable resources.  It takes a fraction of the time for bamboo and cork to be reproduced as it does to grow more oak trees for example.  Outside of being environmentally responsible, bamboo and cork provide a unique look that I think you will appreciate.

The centrally located mechanical system reduces overall energy costs for heating and cooling the entire building.  You of course have full control over the thermostat in your individual home.  The reduced energy costs pay off for home owners.  The Spectrum has one of the lowest condo fees around and is still able to include water, heating, air conditioning and basic cable.  The only utility you pay for is the electricity you use for lighting and the items you plug in.  By using compact fluorescent light bulbs and outlet strips (you can turn off when not in use) I am guessing that you could keep your total monthly utilities below $40.

Each unit continually refreshes the air inside with fresh air from outdoors.  This improves the quality of air you are breathing.   It will also help eliminate the exchange of odors from one home to the next.

Other green features to note are:
* Dual flush toilets – you have the opportunity to choose a partial or full water flush.  This cuts down on the water that is wasted when using the commode.
* Nylon carpets made of recycled materials.  There is no difference to the touch, but these carpets are know to last longer and are making use of material that would otherwise add to our landfills.
* Locally made concrete.  Not only do you benefit from the strength and sound insulation provided by concrete construction… the concrete has not been transported long distances, which saves on fuel and emissions.
* Commercial grade steel made of recycled materials.  Again this is an opportunity for the developer to use material that would have otherwise gone to waste, while adding to the strength of the building.
* Low VOC paint – reduces irritating fumes that are released by paint over time.  Tremendous health benefits have been reported by this new generation of paint.  It is only a matter of time before this becomes the standard.
* Trash compactors – reduces build up in landfills and fewer trips to landfills.
* Easy access to public transportation through the GEORGE bus system.  The GEORGE shuttles residents to East Falls Church and West Falls Church Metro Stations.  These buses operate on clean diesel fuel.
* High efficiency windows that help maintain the temperature in your home and cut down on the noise you hear from outside.

If you want a home close to the city with easy access to Arlington, Tysons Corner and DC… you won’t be disappointed by The Spectrum.  The area is becoming more and more walkable as restaurants and shops continue to pour into Falls Church City.

At The Spectrum Condominium the price is right.  You are going to save significantly over similar condos in Arlington.  Though you are getting a brand new condo, prices are right on par with re-sale condos in the area.  It is also worth considering the money you will save on utilities and condo fees.  You may also be able to take advantage of public transportation to further reduce your monthly expenditures.

It’s hard to put a price on the health benefits and peace of mind you gain by living in a green home.  Another item that is hard to put a price on is the growing demand for eco-friendly homes.  You may find when you are ready to sell that consumers are willing to pay a premium for homes that provide the benefits that I have been describing.  Think Toyota Prius and the major increase in demand that has been created over the last few years.

As I am writing this, there are still some great units available at The Spectrum that I am happy to tell you more about.  I do not represent the seller, I am a local agent and broker of the area’s first green real estate company… Arbour Realty.  I am happy to help you find answers to any questions you may have about this condominium or other properties for sale in Northern Virginia.

-Adam Gallegos

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